Spring Clearance Sale!

50% off All Accessories and 25% off all Vanities in our showroom.
-Decorative Figurines
-Kitchen Accessories
-Home Decor
-Ceramic Bowls and plates
-Wine & Plate Racks
and much more…

If you don’t have time to remodel your kitchen, freshen it up with accessories!


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Bright Kitchens are in!

The Kitchen Warehouse Staff is at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, checking out all the new appliances and cabinet colors. We took a few photos of some of our favorite displays. Viking is featuring a colorful and retro style Oven right in time for spring.

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Display for Sale $899.00

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Warehouse Odds and Ends Sale!

Come visit our showroom on June 28, 2013 and June 29, 2013 for our odds and ends sale. Prices start at $25.00. No reasonable offer refused! Make us an offer on any item for sale. Free Refreshments Saturday 6/29/13 from 11am-2pm.

Some of the items for sale:

Cabinets, Discontinued Cabinets, Counter Tops, Mouldings, Shelving units, Figurines, Home Decor, Butcher Blocks, Kitchen Accessories and more.




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Selecting the Right Contractor For Your Remodeling Job.

Can you trust the information you see on Google on finding a Contractor?

The answer is no. When it comes to protecting your family and your home, you need to do the homework yourself. Selecting your contractor is the key to the success of your remodeling project. Even the highest quality products will not protect your remodel if a poor quality installation job nullifies your warranties and damages your new appliances. In example if the refrigerator line is not correctly installed, you may find yourself replacing the floor, the refrigerator and any other items ruined by the water damage. So make sure you take the following simple steps to ensure the contractor you select is one you can trust:

1) California License Check.

It is really easy to find out if your Contractor is a professional by looking up their License number at the CA Contractors License look-up online.  If you find the License number provided is  not associated with the individual you are hiring or their firm, find out why?  There are individuals who use another Contractor’s number since they are not licensed themselves. Unfortunately, if you should have a problem with their work or if there is an injury on the job, you can find yourself unprotected and holding the bag on costs.  Their license should also note the number of employees (some use sub-contractors) as well as if they carry Workers Compensation to protect you from any claims for injuries on the job.

2) Experience.

Remember a kitchen is a long term investment, so if you want yours to still be working in the future, make sure the Contractor you hire has the experience to install it correctly.  Check their answers out by calling past customers and seeing their work at one of their job sites. Also when you check them out online and look at their history, see how long they have been in business under the same Company name they provide you. If the company name is different, find out why. Contractors who go out of business, go bankrupt or lose their license, will change the company name and start over. So confirm your contractor is someone with a history of sticking around and handling problems that come up after the job is done.

3) The Devil Is In The Details-Make Sure There Are Details in Your Estimate.

Every remodeling job has some surprises. The floor is not level, (the windows were not waterproofed, the power or water line are worn or clogged…). So it is key that the information provided with the Contractor’s estimate is detailed and lets you know what is included and what is not.  A reputable and experienced contractor wants you to know what you are getting for their estimate and what is not covered —so there are no surprises. In addition, an experienced Contractor knows what to look for to anticipate problems before the estimate so the homeowner is not surprised after the work has begun. Less experienced installers will provide you with a low price and then add in more items after they start the job, once your walls are open and your options are few. When it comes to Contractor estimates remember, the lowest bid is often not the most accurate. Check the details for an apples to apples comparison and ask the lower cost Contractor to include those other items in their price. A lower estimate is often an incomplete estimate. If so, select the Contractor that was the most honest from the start.

For a list of installers our clients use in your area, call our showroom. However do not stop there. Our list contains companies who have worked with our company and our customers in the past. You should still check their references and see their work to make sure that the quality is in line with your expectations.

Before hiring a contractor you will want to have a kitchen plan that helps the contractor know what work will be necessary to deliver the kitchen you have in mind. To explore your options, make an appointment with a professional kitchen designer at The Kitchen Warehouse by calling 888-248-3678, or visit their website at The Kitchen Warehouse in Los Angeles.

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Room Shapes Dictate Your Kitchen Layout

U-shaped kitchen layout

U-Shaped Kitchen LayoutWhen it comes to remodeling an existing kitchen, the shape of your room often dictates the best layout to suit the available space.

Corridor Shaped  Kitchen

Corridor Shaped Kitchen

Island kitchen layout puts the island central to the design

Island Kitchens Put a Functioning Island Center

The right layout for your remodel, is best determined by observing the room from a ceiling perspective (called birds eye view) and noting the shape of the room.

Today’s designers prefer an open kitchen set within a larger room, however kitchens you inherit often lack unlimited space.

To achieve that open look,  you may need to consider changing interior walls to increase your available space. To explore your options, make an appointment with a professional kitchen designer at The Kitchen Warehouse by calling 888-248-3678, or visit their website at The Kitchen Warehouse in Los Angeles.

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Modern Kitchens That Rock

A Modern kitchen using Thermafoli wrap kitchen cabinets

So how do home designers get kitchens to look super sleek and modern while at the same time looking warm and inviting? They have to balance the kitchen layout for entertaining but also keep it functional for cooking.

A modern design has to consider the cook and provide excellent storage space to put away everything and reduce clutter. This gives the kitchen an almost streamlined appearance. A superior kitchen designer has to know the convenience features to build in and the best place to create storage to avoid clutter.

Take a minute to check out this HGTV video on creating a modern kitchen and imagine it in your home.  You will enjoy the creative thinking in achieving a streamlined, modern design.  See Modern Kitchen Features from HGTV

Find out more about the features you’ll want to build into your new modern and if those features will fit in your existing space. Make an appointment with a professional kitchen designer at The Kitchen Warehouse and learn the how to identify the best kitchen layout for your home and your lifestyle. Contact The Kitchen Warehouse at 888-248-3678 and enjoy your kitchen in time for your summer company.

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Can you design a green kitchen?

When it comes to creating a kitchen that is energy efficient and functional as well as using products in your new kitchen that are environmentally safe, the key is going to be with your planning. Start your efforts by looking at some of the sites mentioned below to see green products and to learn what factors to look at when choosing between different products you are considering.

1) One of our manufacturers is Bellmont Cabinets with green choices from Bamboo to other renewable sources. For kitchen cabinets-consider environmentally conscious products like bamboo or recycle fibers. You can reduce the finish off-gasses by substituting your finishing product. Ask the kitchen designer you select to provide you with some choices.

2) Reduce your energy requirements by shopping for appliances using the Energy Star Appliance ratings. You can save money on electricity and gas and at the same time help save the earths valuable resources.

3) Select paints that do not use harmful chemicals when you determine your paint and finishing touches.

4) Visit the water conservation site for consumer products that reduce your home’s use for appliances and fixtures that reduce water use. Do a product search for the products you are considering adding so you can stay away from the products that use the most water.

5) Consider adding LCD lighting wherever possible.  LCD uses less energy and the technology has greatly improved to serve consumers with a product that works for their needs and reduces their energy consumption. For more information on the products  you can choose check out the government lighting website .

See more ideas on earth friendly living and designs at the EarthEasy Website – Solutions for a sustainable life.  Then make an appointment with your kitchen designer at The Kitchen Warehouse and see the great choices they have to help you create the Green Kitchen of your dreams.

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Making Quality Cabinets

When it comes to making quality cabinets for kitchens and baths, it starts with time. It takes time to select wood, design the details, add custom moldings, stain for quality, bake on a finish that lasts and re-coat the wood to protect it from fading and water damage.  Start by looking at different cabinet lines to truly appreciate the difference between a cabinet line that takes the time to create a quality cabinet and one that just makes products that look good but lack the quality. Take a look a the workmanship that goes into one of our product lines, Dura Supreme Cabinets.

Designing Cabinets With Quality

Find out more about quality cabinets and what to shop for to determine a cabinet line that will last as opposed to cabinets that just appear good. Make an appointment with a professional kitchen designer at The Kitchen Warehouse and learn the how to identify the cabinets that are best for your home and your project. Contact The Kitchen Warehouse at 888-248-3678 and enjoy your kitchen in time for your summer company.

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Home Sales are Up and Prices are Up Too!

The housing market is seeing a steady incline that has homeowners looking for home improvements like updating their kitchen or bath.  Home buyers are on the market again and the price of a home is ticking up. While selling your home may not be the best course of action today (all agree that short sales are keeping homes pricing in check),  it does indicate that home improvements will likely pay off when you go to sell your home by increasing your home’s value.  Southern Californians have been looking for a sign that the reduction in the value of their homes has stopped and many indicators seem to agree that sunny times are ahead for Real Estate for the Golden State of California.

Upgrading your kitchen is a great investment

Modern black European kitchen with stainless pull out table

So what kind of home improvements pay off when it comes to selling your home? Kitchen and bath remodels tower over the rest. Many homeowners are excited about the features their new home will have that their old home lacked, so an upgraded kitchen and changing a 1/2 bath to a full bath rank among the highest in home improvements that pay off with a quick home sale.

Traditional kitchen that is packed with cooking features

Gorgeous Traditional multi-colored cabinets and spot lighting

Come into The Kitchen Warehouse to choose from our sample vanity sale today. Or if you are ready for  a bathroom or kitchen makeover, make an appointment with a  kitchen and bath designer at The Kitchen Warehouse and learn the possibilities to create the kitchen you want within your budget. Contact The Kitchen Warehouse at 888-248-3678 and enjoy your new kitchen in time for your summer company.

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