Our Kitchen Remodel Wish List

This is part of our ongoing series following a Kitchen Warehouse customer’s kitchen and bath remodel project. See the others here.

After hiring Glen from The Kitchen Warehouse in Los Angeles, my husband and I met with the contractor that he’d recommended to define and estimate our remodel. Check out our old kitchen in the gallery below – Ewww! We made a wish list and reviewed the impact of those items on our budget and our lives. Here’s that list:

  • Move non-weight bearing wall between kitchen and dining room to create one large open space, opening up the entire floor plan from the living room to the kitchen.
  • Create staging areas for guests throughout the space that allow for snacking for the kids and a place for the adults to gather and spread our parties out.
  • Expand my dining room to accommodate up to 10 people
  • Increase the storage space under stairs into a functional closet that complements the dining room
  • Add shower to half-bathroom and create new vanity/countertop space
  • Increase my storage with a sleek European frameless cabinet kitchen
  • Increase the size of our kitchen and maximize countertop space to allow room for two cooks
  • Find a space for large cooking items like a Panini maker and blender that do not take up my counter space.
  • Increase number of cabinets to hold all my specialty cooking and washer/dryer supplies and any towels we need for the new shower in the bathroom
  • Add functional, specialized storage space to accommodate our recycle, large pans, and increased storage we need for food items as our boys grow into men.
  • Improve our lighting in the kitchen, dining room and the living room as well.
  • Keep the outdoor patio views in the kitchen and continue to bring the outdoors inside where possible.

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For over 39 years, thousands of satisfied homeowners have kept The Kitchen Warehouse growing by recommending them to their family and friends. Long before home centers began dabbling in kitchen cabinets and design, the experts at The Kitchen Warehouse were tailoring LA’s finest kitchens to be both functional and good looking.
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3 comments on “Our Kitchen Remodel Wish List

  1. idea of the open space is good.i appreciate the idea of expand the dinning room.above the pitcher is beautiful.

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