The Bathroom

This is part of our ongoing series following a Kitchen Warehouse customer’s kitchen and bath remodel project. See the others here.

We needed a second shower so we did not have to get so many people in and out of a single bathroom in the morning. When my boys were young they did not mind taking a shower at night but these days they insist on feeling woken up with a morning shower – and that is a bit too much hustle with just one shower.

We also decided to match the modern cabinets we chose for the kitchen with the bathroom vanity, since it is just off the kitchen. We added stainless steel pulls and then went tile shopping for a modern tile, back splash and accent glass to create an art piece out of our very small bathroom that would soon be a full bath instead of a ½ bath with our new frameless shower. The boys were going to love it. Of course right now all we can really see was wall studs the rest is in our imagination. You will have to wait on the after shots but here are some before and in progress.


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