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When planning your new kitchen, it is important to consider which product is best to top your new cabinets. Since the countertops are where all the action takes place, consider the pros and cons of the materials you have to choose from when designing your new kitchen. We recently talked about the selection process – but what are you selecting from?

Our professional kitchen designers can help you achieve the look you want and maximize your kitchen’s functionality for your family. They are also excellent at matching your cabinet choice with an appropriate countertop surface. Here are some countertop options you may want to consider:

Granite CountertopsGranite is the top choice of countertop materials. It is beautiful and makes even the most modest kitchen appear elegant. While pricey, it is becoming more affordable over time.
Pros: It will last a lifetime and has the second-highest hardness rating after diamonds. 3,000 colors available. Almost maintenance-free.
Cons: The cost is higher than alternatives. Surface is subject to stains & cracks if stressed. May also dull knives.

Engineered Stone is composed of 93% quartz particles and offers a wide variety of colors. Its nonporous surface is resistant to scratches. It does not require annual sealing, making it easier to maintain than natural stone.
Pros: Easy to care for and resistant to stain and acid.
Cons: Can be expensive.

ceramic tile countertopsCeramic Tile is durable and easy to clean. It is inexpensive and a great choice for the average home. Installed a section at a time, it enables the homeowner to install it themselves without making costly errors.
Pros: Ceramic tile is fired, so it takes heat and is easy to clean. Unlimited colors and textures – design your own custom patterns.
Cons: The counter surface can be uneven, which can affect its functionality. Tiles can easily chip or crack and the grout lines will become stained with time. Custom-designed tiles can be expensive.

Laminate CountertopsLaminate counters are made of plastic-coated synthetics with an easy-to-clean, smooth surface. The pieces are cut to size with finished ends.
Pros: It’s colorful, easy to maintain, durable and inexpensive.
Cons: Requires pricey decorative edges to hide the seams. Scratches and chips are almost impossible to repair.

wood countertopsWood countertops are available in a wide variety of wood species (oak, maple, pine), Beautiful, warm, with unlimited colors and finishes.
Pros: Easy to clean and repair with sanding and resealing when needed.
Cons: Wood is at risk for water damage. Stains require maintenance, scratches must be oiled or sealed.

stainless steel countertopsStainless steel counters are a great way to add a contemporary and industrial look to your kitchen. They provide a seamless countertop that’s resistant to heat, durable, and customized to your specifications.
Pros: Easy care, easy cleaning, a surface that takes the heat.
Cons: Fabrication can be expensive. It is noisier and can dent.

soapstone countertopsSoapstone is used as both a countertop and a sink material. It is generally dark gray in color with a smooth feel.
Pros: Smooth texture and deep, rich color. Semi stain-resistant.
Cons: May crack/darken even with mineral oil applications.


At The Kitchen Warehouse, we offer hundreds of choices for your cabinets and countertops. Make an appointment with one of our professionals to discuss your options and the many materials you can choose to achieve a beautiful and functional new kitchen. To help you prepare, check out our planning guide and checklist.

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