Remodeling the Downstairs Bathroom

This is part of our ongoing series following a Kitchen Warehouse customer’s kitchen and bath remodel project. See the others here.

We decided to upgrade our downstairs ½-bath to be a full bath with a stand up shower, and to add a tiny area for a sink base in order to keep the room from feeling too small. After arranging for the layout with our kitchen and bathroom designer Glen at The Kitchen Warehouse, we spoke with our contractor Denny, who asked us to go and pick out our tiles and floors. Since we did not know a whole lot about the process we went to Cal Tile in Torrance. They offered a lot of choices so we decided to ask someone for help. They suggested we come back the next day and speak with MJ.

mj at cal tile centerWe met with MJ and explained to her that we had a tiny little bathroom off the kitchen but since the bathroom is right off the busiest room in the house, we wanted it to be a bit eye-popping to keep people passing by from focusing on the toilet, which unfortunately is in the center view. We also wanted something modern since we are going with a modern kitchen.

MJ was able to show us a ton of choices. She clued in pretty soon that I was going in one direction and my husband was going in another. We ended up selecting a horizontal tile pattern that would make the room look longer than it was with an eye popping red glass band that has a wave type pattern on it. We also added a band of a darker tile to pattern the back of the shower.

Here is a sketch that MJ did to show us how the room would look with the pattern and tiles we selected. Although this is not to scale, It gives you a good idea of the look we are going to try to accomplish.Bathroom remodel sketch


When remodeling your bathroom, it is important for you to note which elements you would want to decide upon: the type of tiles (porcelain, ceramic, other), wainscoting if you are going to do any, and floor tiles in the shower as well as whether or not you want to have your shower wall tile go to the ceiling. The glass doors we selected are put on at the end and, given the size of our bathroom, will probably be sliders since there is no room to open any doors. Other factors to consider are if you want a seat in the shower and how you want to treat your shampoo shelf or any other custom cutouts. Those decisions need to be made prior to applying drywall to the room. Also keep in mind that since this a wet room, everything needs to be waterproofed inside the walls to be sure you will not have any complications later.

Here are photos of the before room and the work in progress. The installation is in progress so finished photos to follow. Post your questions at the end of this post and I will be happy to reply with answers.

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