More Bathroom Remodeling Issues

This is part of our ongoing series following a Kitchen Warehouse customer’s kitchen and bath remodel project. See the others here.

We discussed the size of the bathroom – which was very, very postage-sized small. Add to the problem that we moved the door out to fit the vanity inside the new bathroom and we took out a 6’ vanity next to the toilet to accommodate the step in shower. We thought we would use the same cabinets and countertop as in the kitchen but that did not really work due to the fact that the countertop from the kitchen was only available in one piece.

I added a stainless steel medicine cabinet and stainless steel faucet and a white sink with a granite counter. The entire room was designed to let my boys shower in the downstairs bathroom so we needed storage and a fan and lighting that would make the space feel bigger than it was. We also created a large shelf for over sized shampoo and wide enough to hold the kids personal items without making the shower look messy.

Unfortunately the price tag was bigger than we thought. Then the contractor let us know that while he had estimated the shower and the floor of the shower to have tile he had not included wainscoting and that would be an additional installation fee. So we went back to MJ of Cal Tile and asked her to give us another solution. She sharpened her pencil and changed out our wall tile from porcelain to ceramic and felt this would help us achieve the same look without the heavy price tag.

We loved the look but we still had a long way to get to its installation. One thing we learned is that the countertop must be on the vanity before the tile team could tie in the wainscoting with the backsplash tile and accent and that meant that we needed three weeks to get the top fabricated. We would have been okay but we waited too long before we picked the counter top since we thought we would be able to get the top cut out of the same piece as the kitchen.

My contractor was able to help us out by working with his own fabricator to get the top cut from the same piece due to the fact that the piece was so small. In the end he saved us from having to buy another granite top at about $850 with fabrication, and we paid him for the fabrication instead of having to wait for the other company.

We still had the problem of the upstairs countertop which was cracked and got tossed during the attempt to fix the faucet. It had a crack before but due to the fact that it was a faux stone, it could not be saved. That left me with quite a dilemma: what to do with my existing cabinet that was an unusual size (59 1/2” wide) but had a dark oak cathedral door. We could paint the cabinet white but the doors were a dead giveaway that it was old and out of date.

I contacted The Kitchen Warehouse to see if they could help. Our Kitchen Designer, Glen, said he had a source.

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