Getting Edgy with Your Countertops—Choose Your Cut!

When choosing your countertop there are many materials to choose from and we have already covered how to shop for those items. However one key element is how you want the countertop finished on the sides and front of the counter. You also have the option of deciding if you want a 3” or 6” backsplash of the countertop material or if you are going to use a complementary product like a wall tile. The key here is the look you want and also how much water is likely to spill onto the walls.

One important element is the finish of the countertop edge. There are several cuts that you can use on granite, for example, and depending on the look you want (modern versus traditional) you will want to select it carefully as it can completely change the overall look. Here are some examples of popular edge details:

Pencil or Standard countertop edge cut

Pencil or Standard

half bullnose countertop edge

Half Bullnose



dupont countertop edge cut


cove countertop edge cut




quarter-inch bevel countertop edge cut

1/4-inch Bevel

1/2-inch Bevel



ogee countertop edge cut











For example, the edge can be doubled to give the counter a deeper look, or it can be miter cut to give it a more modern, lower impact look. When you shop for you countertop materials, make sure you ask the supplier the choices they provide. Keep in mind that the fabrication is the most expensive part of the countertop, so ask them for any additional charges you will incur when you select one cut over another. Also keep in mind that some companies charge more for a square sink cut versus a round one and the charge is per sink, so you will want to keep that in your budget.



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