Last-minute Remodeling Surprises

This is part of our ongoing series following a Kitchen Warehouse customer’s kitchen and bath remodel project. See the others here.

There are a lot of last minute items that your contractor will not prepare you for since they do not think about some of the materials until they are installing them, A few of our items were:

  1. Our sink did not come with a basket or garbage disposal drain so we had to run out and get one
  2. Our lighting plates had to change due to the upgrade we did using the Crestron system. In addition there are several colors you can use and the face of the electrical have changed over time so you may find yourself like us feeling the need to change out all your outlets to look more current than having a mixmosh of styles.
  3. Because we picked a hardwood floor throughout, we needed to decide if we wanted a matching grill on the floor or not and then we had to research and find one that looked closet to our wood.
  4. The garbage disposal and dishwasher were put in storage while the garage was being used for the flooring and drywall and machinery so we had to locate those and return them to the jobsite in a hurry.
  5. The delay on some of the items and surprises’ meant asking my landlord if we could stay in the apartment a couple of extra weeks. We picked a place that was month to month for a little more money so we could be flexible when this came up.
  6. We had to agree on where the holes in the countertop would be made for the faucet, disposal button and the overflow valve. Given the sink we determined the choices were more than you would think.
  7. The baseboards on the stairs no longer matched since we took off the rail and enclosed the stairs so we needed to have a skirt and baseboard added that gave the stairs symmetry.
  8. We had to determine where our lighting switches were going to go and how many of them. Lighting fixtures needed to be selected to go with our new look and the new outlets given the LED and traditional lighting combination.

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