A Better Storage Solution for your Kitchen and Bath

Why should you replace your kitchen or bathroom cabinets instead of refacing them?  I can give you a lot of reasons, the first one being organization.  When you design your new kitchen, the designer at the Kitchen Warehouse will ask you what you don’t like about your existing kitchen. The number-one thing that all clients say is, “There is no place to put everything!”

One of the biggest benefits of designing your own kitchen is you can list what you need to store and the designer can choose from a huge list of drawers or cabinets to address your concerns. Custom pot and pan drawers, spice rack organizers inside cabinets, lazy Susans and pull-down cabinets that hide your coffee maker or other unsightly appliances you use all the time (also called appliance garages or cabinets).

In our case, we realized we were tired of taking out the recycling because we noticed we were doing that twice as much as the regular trash, so when the designer showed us the double trash can cabinet, we jumped at it but decided it would be for our recycle with a small container under the sink for organic trash.  What a difference not having to take the recycling out so often made!

Another great feature were the deep pot drawers that flank my new stove. I hated having to reach under the cabinets and grope in the dark for my spaghetti pot or the Crockpot. Now I just open a self-closing drawer and pull out my pots, put it on the stove and go. It even easily stores with the lid – no more searching for the matching lids. The same goes with my Tupperware, which I had to stack in itself before and not with the lids matching since there was no room. Now they are all matched and easy to find.

I also asked for a pantry cabinet and given the limited space in our kitchen it is a miracle that they could order one to fit my space and help bring heavy items right into the kitchen without any effort.  Everything is handy (even my toolkit) and I could use the excess for items for other rooms with limited cabinet space.

I suggest making a list of the items you have the most difficulty storing and keep them in mind when you order your cabinets. Ordering a custom cabinet that matches the rest of your kitchen is a smart investment that will save you time everyday which will pay you back tenfold in the first year of finding everything you are looking for in a couple of seconds.  I love my new kitchen!

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