Choosing your kitchen cabinet door handles & knobs

When it comes to picking your cabinet handles – also called “cabinet pulls” – you have a world of choices and decisions to make. There is no right answer, since it is up to your personal taste. Keep in mind that the handles are attached to the door, so you will not want to have them installed before you decide the look is not right for your cabinets, since the holes in the doors are not reversible.

Some people like handles that do not call attention to themselves and others like to make a statement with their cabinet pulls.  In fact, you even have some options that are hidden, or magnet controlled to keep all handles off the outside of the doors.

The first step is to visit a showroom that has a large selection of cabinet hardware, like The Kitchen Warehouse. There you will look over many choices of metals, wood and finishes in many sizes and lengths and some with thematic decorative finishes.

Once you narrow it down to door handles you like, ask your kitchen designer to give you their opinion as to the length or thickness of the desired pulls, in order not to overwhelm the cabinet you have selected. In addition, note that you have a variety of lengths to choose from and the pulls can be installed vertically as well as horizontally depending on the style.

Once you decide on the pulls and have ordered the ones you want, you will want your kitchen designer to specify with the installer or contractor as to where you want the cabinet door handles installed, including the exact distance from the edge of the door. In some cases, the designer may specify that the installer is to put some of the handles horizontally and some vertically. Again, be sure the designer specifies the number of inches and length to position those handles prior to installation day.

Here are just a few of the styles you will find at  The Kitchen Warehouse.  If you are interested in seeing some of these installed on the cabinets, visit the photo gallery on the website at

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