What styles are popular for kitchen remodeling today?

Combination KitchenDark Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Today’s kitchens are typically darker, with many homeowners opting for a chocolate cabinet and combining that with a dark granite top or a type of more colorful backsplash.  Take a look at some examples in our gallery of dark cabinet choices.

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets: Since you spend a lot of time in your home, some folks are embracing their more artistic side and opting for bright red or green cabinets or something in the blue vein. Take a look a some colorful kitchen cabinet options and remember that cabinets come in a variety of colors so this only shows a few of them many bright and subtle colors you have to choose from.

Combination Kitchen Cabinets: Another trend is the idea that you can mix and match your selection and are not stuck using the same cabinets throughout your kitchen area. In fact you can define a specific part of your kitchen by changing the color of the cabinets and then tying the two sections together with a backsplash or countertops that compliment both color or material combinations. Think bamboo and black, or white and black colored cabinets with a brilliant stainless steel top. The sky is the limit. Check out some kitchens that did a great job of combining colors or cabinet styles to create a whole new look.

Remember whatever style you are considering there a lot of options on how to make the most of your kitchen space. Also, depending on your upkeep, you may want to consider one material over another (like if you have kids or dogs or prefer minimum maintenance). The best plan is one you make with a professional kitchen planner who knows the positives and negatives of specific kitchen materials.

Make an appointment with a kitchen planner today. The meeting is complimentary and it is guaranteed to save you time and money on your kitchen remodel.

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