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Are you looking for ideas to define your new kitchen and bath? It is always a great idea to consider collecting photos and color schemes that you can discuss with your family before you sit down to buy your cabinets, appliances and flooring. In fact, one good source for some of the latest kitchen ideas is here and you can even enter their drawing to win $5000 towards your kitchen remodel. They also have some great ideas for minimizing space and maximizing storage.

In fact, if you really want to save hours of disagreement during your kitchen remodel, put together a family style book using a three ring binder with see-through sleeves, and inserting some of the photos from these publications or ones you’ve found online. Of course you can do it all online with a scrapbooking program, but having a book to take around and discuss with the suppliers that shows 8×11 photos instead of trying to look at them in 3” has its advantages.

So my suggestion is that you put the notebook on the counter or someplace readily available to everyone one in the family and suggest they just slip their ideas into the book over the next week or two. Then, you can all look at the ideas in the book together whether you are out to lunch or sitting on the porch or beach. Each person can vote on the colors, cabinets, designs and let you know what they love or hate about it. Then you can delete the controversial photos and just keep the ones you all think are nice.

When you sit down with a kitchen planner they can easily omit ideas that they know will not work with your combined styles. No point in printing out plans that include dark cabinets if 50% of you want something light. And if the cooks don’t like to feel closed in, it would eliminate the idea of a corridor kitchen so the designer can spend more time working on a layout that you all will love. If you’re ready to take this step, make an appointment.



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