Organizing Your New Kitchen

Kitchen StorageOnce you have remodeled your kitchen there will be a temptation to set up your new kitchen similarly to the last. The key to not falling into this trap is to literally start over. That does not mean throwing out all of your old cookware or cutlery, but to economize so you don’t fill up your new clean space with useless appliances and serving trays you received at your wedding and haven’t used since.

Kitchen organizationTo determine how to allocate your storage, follow the one year rule. If you have not used it in over a year, consider recycling it to someone who will. Then offer yourself the concession that if you let something go, you can bring something new in that will enhance your kitchen experience. Remember that you will probably gain up to three times as much storage as your old kitchen due to the efficiency of your new cabinets and a better kitchen layout. But resist the urge to fill it up.  Make sure that the items you store are valuable to your everyday and not items to simply collect dust over time.

Also keep in mind that if you are like most people, your kitchen is used for a lot more than just cooking. So create some storage space for those other activities you do, like scrapbooking, homework and board games or a computer station. The more you create a space you love to be in, the more you will love your new kitchen space. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of stocking your new spice drawer with new spices that inspire cooking. But say no to junk drawers and knick knack crooks that tend to collect whatever does not have a place in your remodeled home. Be a space economizer and throw out or recycle what you see laying around time after time. Remember that hoarding is a cumulative habit that can take over your life and destroy your new spaciousness.

For more information on making the most of your new kitchen layout and storage, make an appointment with one of our expert space planners.

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