The Benefits of Granite Countertops

There are many countertop sources you can choose from, yet many people seem to elect granite as their number one source. Why are granite countertops so popular?

You can actually cut your food on granite and not hurt the surface. Although this is true, it is advisible to use a cutting board to protect your knives as granite is a very hard stone and can dull your instrument. In addition over time it can wear your seal if you seal your granite.

According to a study conducted by O. Peter Snyder, Jr., Ph.D. of The Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management of St. Paul, MN in March, 2004, granite is second only to stainless steel for safety against bacterial contamination. Granite is also less likely to harbor food-borne pathogens after cleaning than composite stone.

Granite is very easy to care for. Simply “dust” your countertops with an ammonia-free window cleaner and a soft cloth. For a thorough cleaning, you can use a gentle soap or cleanser mixed with water to wash your countertops—be sure to dry them completely with a soft cloth.

Granite typically will not scratch or chip. It is one of the Earth’s hardest stones, second only to diamonds. Few materials are able to scratch your granite, and, unless you are heavily abusing your granite countertops, they are unlikely to chip. If a chip of your granite occurs it can be easily repaired.

Staining of your granite top is normally not an issue. Granite has a naturally low moisture-absorption rate, and most fabricators apply a sealant for added stain-protection. It’s still a good idea to use coasters under glasses, particularly for citrus drinks or alcohol.

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