Upgrade Your Bathroom in Time for Summer And SAVE!

Upgrade your bathroom in time for summer visitors.

The new home trend is to create a bathroom that is a real retreat, offering plenty of storage and accessories and a space for you to enjoy your own pampering. Take a look at some of the wonderful bathroom ideas here and compare them to your current bathroom. Which one would you enjoy the most?


If an extensive bathroom remodel is not on your agenda, consider remodeling your bathroom with a low cost solution is to take advantage of the $99 Bathroom Vanity and $99 Bathroom Vanity Countertops at The Kitchen Warehouse right now. You can use these to increase the storage in your bathroom and update the look into a new retreat for the whole family.  A little paint and new towel racks and viola! Come into The Kitchen Warehouse to choose from our sample vanity sale today. Or if you are ready for  a bathroom or kitchen makeover, make an appointment with a  bathroom designer at The Kitchen Warehouse and learn the possibilities to create a spa like atmosphere for your new bathroom. Contact The Kitchen Warehouse at 888-248-3678 and enjoy your new bathroom in time for your summer company.

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What types of convenience items can I build into my kitchen?

kitchen cabinets with storage and convenience features

Build convenience features into your new kitchen

Did you know that there are many convenience items you can build into your new kitchen? Some are as simple as a coffee system with a timer.  Or add a kitchen seat that doubles as a storage bench, allowing visitors to sit near the table while storing backpacks or purses where you can always find them.  While this list is not exhaustive, take a look at the photos here and see if you spot the features you want to add into your new kitchen.

Built in features make this kitchen rich in convenience

Built in features make this kitchen rich in convenience

Coffee Service, wine racks, bookshelves, storage bench, appliance garage (place with a retractable door that hides small appliances you want on the counter), microwave over stove with a fan (saves the space of a hood), spice racks, herb drawers, pull out pantry, bookcases and dish display cases, knife cabinets, silver cabinets, hidden TV’s, hidden power in islands and peninsulas and more.

Build convenience features into your new kitchen

Build a storage bench into your new kitchen

For more ideas, take a look at the storage solutions on our website, then make an appointment for a kitchen designer to help you determine the features you can build into your new kitchen to save you time and maximize your enjoyment.

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Remodeling Your Kitchen and Finding Your Look

When selecting your kitchen cabinets, it is important to look around and see what styles make your family feel comfortable. Are you modern, traditional, contemporary, farmhouse or a combination couple? Are you building a kitchen to entertain and to cook or more a showpiece to display your art with stations for appetizers and wine? Think about the way you like to entertain and eat and then design your kitchen around that lifestyle. Remember chances are that you inherited your kitchen and had nothing to say about the way it is laid out. When you remodel your kitchen you have a unique opportunity to change all or nothing. Choose your kitchen’s window views, move walls to not obstruct or add walls to close off—it all depends on your lifestyle and your home.

So for a little hint on the many types of styles you are going to encounter, let’s take a look at a few contrasting styles and some key elements you may want to emulate.

Contemporary kitchen with convenience features and art enclosures
Beautiful showpiece layout for your new kitchen

Contemporary cabinets meet old world in this new kitchen

Take for example this kitchen that incorporates art into the kitchen. The designer built in cabinets to the ceiling that are lit in order to show off the artwork and create a beautiful display in an area of the kitchen that is typically unused due to the height of the cabinets.  Notice also the plumbing over the range that makes it easy to fill tall pots without having to hurt your back or spill unnecessarily. The old world tiles and the contemporary cabinets are accented with a gorgeous floor.  Note that other built ins, like the bookcase in the front that holds recipes, add functionality galore.

Are you looking more for a farmhouse or cook’s kitchen?

Beautiful open air feeling and functioal for entertaining and cooking

Farmhouse contemporary kitchen has it all! Your kitchen has the space to open up the kitchen & expedite the perfect plan.

Consider this beautiful layout to helpbalance a functional kitchen with an open floorplan and open beamed ceilings. The updated appliances and the lighting in this kitchen enhance the layout without losing the country feel. Notice the many custom storage cabinets and the open look of those with smoke glassed doors. If you love to cook you are going to love the built in features of this farmhouse kitchen complete with the wood family seating and extending the kitchen into the family room for a perfect fit.

This traditional kitchen has updated appliances that work together

Traditional kitchen with updated appliances and a great kitchen layout

Do you want more tradition?  Consider this beautiful traditional kitchen with features that exude comfort and warmth. The tract lighting on the ceiling updates the room without compromising on the traditional styling. The addition of a stainless steel island lets the cook enjoy plenty of space and storage for big pots and small appliances. Notice the decision to mix traditional white with wood finished cabinets to define each area of the kitchen.

To put together the perfect kitchen or bath for you home, make an appointment with one of our kitchen designers and brainstorm the kitchen you will love to enjoy—year after year.  You can also visit our kitchen gallery for additional ideas. Get your dream kitchen now and enjoy it all year.

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Don’t settle for ordinary. Create a kitchen that is uniquely yours!

How do you fit your style into your new kitchen? Make sure that you check out what is out there and don’t just settle for what a showroom manager put together for you to emulate in your home.

If you consider yourself a salmon in a sea of typical kitchen lovers, don’t be afraid to do something a little different. Check out this Zebra wood kitchen with a gorgeous free standing stove as the focal point including the stainless steel feet.  You can’t help but think that someone who thought of this combination for their home must create some imaginative meals and conversation. Take a look at the gorgeous details and the way the upper cabinets double as a shelf for strategically placed art and accessories.

Are you looking to integrate your personality in your new kitchen? If so cut out and bring in photos of styles and looks you like and even some photos of the accessories and art you want to feature in your new kitchen. Then let a professional designer help you plan a kitchen that screams I am different! Not your ordinary run of the mill kitchen.

Our experienced kitchen designers have the imagination and experience to help you realize your dream kitchen. Their process includes helping you discover the perfect kitchen for your style and your space.  So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment today!

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What are the elements and cost to have a gourmet kitchen?

Custom Gourmet Kitchen

Enjoy the Gourmet Kitchen of your Dreams

The truth is that during tough economic times people make choices. And sometimes they choose to invest in their future by upgrading their home and improving the quality of their life. So if you have it in your mind to enjoy a gourmet kitchen you may want to look at the elements of a gourmet kitchen and what the real costs are to put together the kitchen of your dreams.  While Bloomberg is known for investment advice, check out this article showing the benefits and real cost of stocking your kitchen in style to create a kitchen that Martha Stewart would envy—without overdoing the extras. Of course you will want to pick out your cabinets at The Kitchen Warehouse where you will find cabinets to meet your style and your budget, whether you are looking for a gourmet dream or a minimalist delight.  Look for the best styles to fit your home in our gallery, then print out and bring in your favorites and your measurements and let us design a custom kitchen for you.


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Compare Cabinet Costs and Quality

When Shopping for Kitchen and Bath Cabinets—Make Sure You Compare Quality!

When you shop for cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, keep in mind that in today’s value pricing market, consumers are sometimes not easily able to measure apples to apples. We are often confronted by clients who want to keep their budgets down and our job is first to make sure they understand the construction difference between a low, medium and high quality cabinet before they compare the pricing. Many contractors will provide just a price on a kitchen remodel and not give enough information on the quality of the cabinets they are going to install. This can be a disaster when the family starts to use the products daily.

Take a look at our newsletter on the construction qualities to look for and and take a copy of our shopping list below to compare the cabinet construction differences while you  the cabinet price. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is not true, so make sure you understand the minimum construction qualities to look for when shopping for cabinets that will hold up under the daily wear and tear of your family’s needs.

For A Safe Home—Here’s a Minimum Standard Your New Cabinets Should Meet

• Catalyzed conversion varnish finish inside and out (the reason to buy manufactured cabinets).
• Butt doors on all two door cabinets up to at least 36″ wide (budget cabinets use a center divider, called a center stile, as part of the cabinet structure and to hold up skimpy shelves).
• 3/4″ shelves in 65 lb. particleboard or plywood with a vinyl or wood veneer (such particleboard is actually less likely to warp than plywood, though plywood is an acceptable alternative). 
Or, when buying a frameless cabinet product:
 Minimum 3/4″ melamine covered 65 lb particleboard construction on all horizontal members, and 5/8″ (3/4″ is better but heavier for installers) on all vertical members.
• Adjustable shelves at minimum every 1 1/2″ in all wall and base cabinets.
• Optional or standard full depth shelves in base cabinets.
• Optional roll out shelves with same spec as drawers.
• Minimum 5/8″ thick solid wood drawers with dadoed or dovetail construction and a captive bottom. 
Or, metal or wood drawers as above on a frameless product.
 Measure the interior size of drawers; substandard ones skimp on the depth and front to rear dimension.
• Minimum 100 lb. capacity side or bottom-mount drawer slides, 2 each drawer. Full-extension slides available as an option (not necessary except with special accessories).
• Solid hardwood or semi-hardwood drawers finished with a catalyzed conversion varnish on all surfaces.
• Cabinet interiors finished on all surfaces with a catalyzed conversion varnish or heavy vinyl wrap for a wipe clean interior (no shelf paper needed on either).
• Customization available as needed: angled cabinets, custom width, height and depth, extended stiles (like an attached filler) at minimum.
• Lifetime warranty on all hinges, drawer slides, and other mechanical components.
• A manufacturer that will be around to honor its warranty. (Research their history and select a manufacture that has lasted long enough to have a history of improving their quality and standing behind it.

For more information on choosing the right cabinets for your home, visit http://thekitchenwarehousela.com or call for an appointment with a professional kitchen designer.


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The Benefits of Granite Countertops

There are many countertop sources you can choose from, yet many people seem to elect granite as their number one source. Why are granite countertops so popular?

You can actually cut your food on granite and not hurt the surface. Although this is true, it is advisible to use a cutting board to protect your knives as granite is a very hard stone and can dull your instrument. In addition over time it can wear your seal if you seal your granite.

According to a study conducted by O. Peter Snyder, Jr., Ph.D. of The Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management of St. Paul, MN in March, 2004, granite is second only to stainless steel for safety against bacterial contamination. Granite is also less likely to harbor food-borne pathogens after cleaning than composite stone.

Granite is very easy to care for. Simply “dust” your countertops with an ammonia-free window cleaner and a soft cloth. For a thorough cleaning, you can use a gentle soap or cleanser mixed with water to wash your countertops—be sure to dry them completely with a soft cloth.

Granite typically will not scratch or chip. It is one of the Earth’s hardest stones, second only to diamonds. Few materials are able to scratch your granite, and, unless you are heavily abusing your granite countertops, they are unlikely to chip. If a chip of your granite occurs it can be easily repaired.

Staining of your granite top is normally not an issue. Granite has a naturally low moisture-absorption rate, and most fabricators apply a sealant for added stain-protection. It’s still a good idea to use coasters under glasses, particularly for citrus drinks or alcohol.

For more information about choosing your kitchen counter and backsplash material make an appointment with a professional kitchen designer at The Kitchen Warehouse.

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A Southwest-Style, Dog-Friendly Kitchen Remodel

When a Playa Del Rey resident wanted to update his kitchen recently, he turned to team of The Kitchen Warehouse and Contractor Denny Christo. His request was to update the kitchen in a way that complemented his southwest look while making the kitchen and attached areas needed to be dog friendly.

The previous all-white kitchen was dated and the family wanted to enjoy more features like pull out pantries. They felt working in the kitchen was confining. The solution that the design team at The Kitchen Warehouse came up with included opening up the kitchen through the wall in a step-down formation. In addition, by moving the sink, refrigerator and stove, the layout created much more counter space for the cook and an entertainment feature with a pass-through that created a peninsula, making it easy for the cook to prepare food while enjoying guests on the other side of the counter.

Take a look at the before and after photos on this remodel and give us your opinion. Can you tell that the taller cabinets added 1/3 more storage space? The pendant lighting carries through the southwestern look with a much more up-to-date style.


kitchen remodel before and after kitchen remodeling before and after photo


kitchen remodeling before and after remodeling before and after

For ideas on how to meet your goals with a new kitchen layout and cabinets that fit your needs, contact The Kitchen Warehouse for a design appointment today. They will connect you with an excellent contractor like Denny Christo to help you get your new kitchen done right the first time.

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Organizing Your New Kitchen

Kitchen StorageOnce you have remodeled your kitchen there will be a temptation to set up your new kitchen similarly to the last. The key to not falling into this trap is to literally start over. That does not mean throwing out all of your old cookware or cutlery, but to economize so you don’t fill up your new clean space with useless appliances and serving trays you received at your wedding and haven’t used since.

Kitchen organizationTo determine how to allocate your storage, follow the one year rule. If you have not used it in over a year, consider recycling it to someone who will. Then offer yourself the concession that if you let something go, you can bring something new in that will enhance your kitchen experience. Remember that you will probably gain up to three times as much storage as your old kitchen due to the efficiency of your new cabinets and a better kitchen layout. But resist the urge to fill it up.  Make sure that the items you store are valuable to your everyday and not items to simply collect dust over time.

Also keep in mind that if you are like most people, your kitchen is used for a lot more than just cooking. So create some storage space for those other activities you do, like scrapbooking, homework and board games or a computer station. The more you create a space you love to be in, the more you will love your new kitchen space. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of stocking your new spice drawer with new spices that inspire cooking. But say no to junk drawers and knick knack crooks that tend to collect whatever does not have a place in your remodeled home. Be a space economizer and throw out or recycle what you see laying around time after time. Remember that hoarding is a cumulative habit that can take over your life and destroy your new spaciousness.

For more information on making the most of your new kitchen layout and storage, make an appointment with one of our expert space planners.

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Looking for Remodeling Ideas

Are you looking for ideas to define your new kitchen and bath? It is always a great idea to consider collecting photos and color schemes that you can discuss with your family before you sit down to buy your cabinets, appliances and flooring. In fact, one good source for some of the latest kitchen ideas is here and you can even enter their drawing to win $5000 towards your kitchen remodel. They also have some great ideas for minimizing space and maximizing storage.

In fact, if you really want to save hours of disagreement during your kitchen remodel, put together a family style book using a three ring binder with see-through sleeves, and inserting some of the photos from these publications or ones you’ve found online. Of course you can do it all online with a scrapbooking program, but having a book to take around and discuss with the suppliers that shows 8×11 photos instead of trying to look at them in 3” has its advantages.

So my suggestion is that you put the notebook on the counter or someplace readily available to everyone one in the family and suggest they just slip their ideas into the book over the next week or two. Then, you can all look at the ideas in the book together whether you are out to lunch or sitting on the porch or beach. Each person can vote on the colors, cabinets, designs and let you know what they love or hate about it. Then you can delete the controversial photos and just keep the ones you all think are nice.

When you sit down with a kitchen planner they can easily omit ideas that they know will not work with your combined styles. No point in printing out plans that include dark cabinets if 50% of you want something light. And if the cooks don’t like to feel closed in, it would eliminate the idea of a corridor kitchen so the designer can spend more time working on a layout that you all will love. If you’re ready to take this step, make an appointment.



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