Holiday Kitchen Cabinet and Bath Cabinet Sale

Kitchen Cabinets on SaleGet your cabinets in time for the holidays and take an additional discount over our already discounted prices on any of our 8 cabinet lines if you mention this blog.

Through October 31, you can also find amazing deals at our Kitchen Accessory Sale and Gourmet Cart Sample Sale. Save big on our Stainless Steel Gourmet Rolling Carts and Butcher Blocks while our supply lasts. Find miscellaneous Kitchen Decorative items in our showroom, the perfect gift for the coming holidays. We are making room for our new inventory.

Did you know that we have contemporary cabinets and traditional cabinets that you can pick up in three weeks? In fact we can install them to replace your existing cabinets within five weeks. Call our showroom at 888-248-3678 to get details.

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What should your kitchen remodel include?

What should your new kitchen include? Should you tear down walls or just change the layout?

There is still time to get your new kitchen in time for the holiday season but don’t jump into it without defining what you don’t love about your current space. A new kitchen can actually change your lifestyle if you think it through and get some help defining the kitchen of your dreams. Take a look at our recent newsletter about designing your new kitchen to be the kitchen of your dreams.

Bring your family together and create a space that works as good as it looks—a place where you’ll want to spend endless hours time enjoying. Don’t believe it can happen? Make an appointment with a professional kitchen designer who has the skill to take your ideas and help you make that dream into reality. And keep in mind that energy credits, fall cabinet and appliance sales and less pricey contractors make autumn the perfect time to remodel your kitchen. Save money and time with the free tools and check our our kitchen gallery before you shop for the best kitchen style for your home.

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Rethink Your Entertainment & Upgrade Your Home

The one good thing about a downturn in the economy is that it causes homeowners to rethink their spending and how it affects their lifestyle. Do you really need to eat out 4 times a week? Is it necessary to have the latest shoes or toys that your friends seem to have? How often do you need to upgrade your cell phone?

And when it comes to your home, do you need a bigger home or do you need to rethink the way your current home is laid out? Many times you would be surprised at how a simple layout change in a room affects the size and feel of the space. It can seem 10 times larger and create an openness that didn’t exist with all the separate little spaces instead of one large open space. That is why it is so important to see a space planner when you are rethinking your family’s needs and the home you are in. Take a look at what some of these remodelers are saying.

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What styles are popular for kitchen remodeling today?

Combination KitchenDark Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Today’s kitchens are typically darker, with many homeowners opting for a chocolate cabinet and combining that with a dark granite top or a type of more colorful backsplash.  Take a look at some examples in our gallery of dark cabinet choices.

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets: Since you spend a lot of time in your home, some folks are embracing their more artistic side and opting for bright red or green cabinets or something in the blue vein. Take a look a some colorful kitchen cabinet options and remember that cabinets come in a variety of colors so this only shows a few of them many bright and subtle colors you have to choose from.

Combination Kitchen Cabinets: Another trend is the idea that you can mix and match your selection and are not stuck using the same cabinets throughout your kitchen area. In fact you can define a specific part of your kitchen by changing the color of the cabinets and then tying the two sections together with a backsplash or countertops that compliment both color or material combinations. Think bamboo and black, or white and black colored cabinets with a brilliant stainless steel top. The sky is the limit. Check out some kitchens that did a great job of combining colors or cabinet styles to create a whole new look.

Remember whatever style you are considering there a lot of options on how to make the most of your kitchen space. Also, depending on your upkeep, you may want to consider one material over another (like if you have kids or dogs or prefer minimum maintenance). The best plan is one you make with a professional kitchen planner who knows the positives and negatives of specific kitchen materials.

Make an appointment with a kitchen planner today. The meeting is complimentary and it is guaranteed to save you time and money on your kitchen remodel.

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Greening Your Kitchen – Make some smart appliance choices

It is key that when you are planning your kitchen remodel, you check out your new appliances that have the features you want most and at the same time to be as energy efficient as possible. Keep in mind that there are little things you can do to save the planet.

One example is if you are currently using bottled water. For starters you need to find a place to store all those bulky bottles. In addition, you are stuck with finding a place to put the water dispenser. Now compare that choice to a built-in filter that you can change. No gas or oil consumption on the transportation of those bulky bottles back and forth to your home and think of all the plastic you won’t need to worry about creating without those bulky bottles (petroleum based). So you can save the monthly fee and put it into the upgrade of your other appliances to be more energy efficient and green.

Want to know what you may be missing if your appliances are over 5 years old? Take a look at this information about green appliances you may want to consider. Remember to look for the Energy Star logo and ask about the difference on running the new appliances over other manufacturer options.  You can also find an energy star rating for all the appliances you are considering on their website.

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Choosing your kitchen cabinet door handles & knobs

When it comes to picking your cabinet handles – also called “cabinet pulls” – you have a world of choices and decisions to make. There is no right answer, since it is up to your personal taste. Keep in mind that the handles are attached to the door, so you will not want to have them installed before you decide the look is not right for your cabinets, since the holes in the doors are not reversible.

Some people like handles that do not call attention to themselves and others like to make a statement with their cabinet pulls.  In fact, you even have some options that are hidden, or magnet controlled to keep all handles off the outside of the doors.

The first step is to visit a showroom that has a large selection of cabinet hardware, like The Kitchen Warehouse. There you will look over many choices of metals, wood and finishes in many sizes and lengths and some with thematic decorative finishes.

Once you narrow it down to door handles you like, ask your kitchen designer to give you their opinion as to the length or thickness of the desired pulls, in order not to overwhelm the cabinet you have selected. In addition, note that you have a variety of lengths to choose from and the pulls can be installed vertically as well as horizontally depending on the style.

Once you decide on the pulls and have ordered the ones you want, you will want your kitchen designer to specify with the installer or contractor as to where you want the cabinet door handles installed, including the exact distance from the edge of the door. In some cases, the designer may specify that the installer is to put some of the handles horizontally and some vertically. Again, be sure the designer specifies the number of inches and length to position those handles prior to installation day.

Here are just a few of the styles you will find at  The Kitchen Warehouse.  If you are interested in seeing some of these installed on the cabinets, visit the photo gallery on the website at

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Incorporating Lighting & an Entertainment System

State-of-the-art lighting and entertainment systems can be incorporated into your remodel if you plan it in advance. When we merged our kitchen and living room into one large room, we decided to upgrade the lighting and electrical throughout the room. We used a Crestron remote system with a controller device to manage all of our lighting and audio-visual needs (security too) with the push of a button. It also enabled us to manage LED lighting in the kitchen (now required by most cities) as well as incorporating our existing lights by setting them into scenes (like for TV watching, mood lighting, reading or bright lighting). The system also controls the TV and stereo settings, which can even be integrated and managed with an iPod or the Crestron remote.  In addition to leaving your walls free from switches every 6 feet, the convenience benefits include:

  • Eliminating most wall switches as the lights are remote controlled with the exception of exit points so you can turn them all off and leave the remote in the recharger at night as well as options for outdoor lights on, etc.
  • Adding dimmable, efficient LED lighting.
  • Creating specialized lighting scenes for all needs from cleaning and cooking to elegant, with the ability to switch them with a push of a button.
  • Listening to your favorite music from any source including iTunes and Pandora with speakers recessed in your ceiling.
  • Seeing every artist, title, playlist in your music collection and controlling it from the palm of your hand.
  • Built-in surround-sound speakers controlled with the same controller, with many features for Blu-ray players, gaming, and computer control.
  • An intercom system that rings your phone when guests arrive (programmable for any phone).
  • Recessed TV and stereo system nook in the wall and out of the way with expandability for speakers in the kitchen and outside for larger entertainment events.

We hired Home Automators in Hermosa Beach. For questions contact General Manager Doug Klevan at or call 310-379-3222 and make sure to mention that The Kitchen Warehouse sent you.

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Designing a Kitchen for Entertaining

Last week, we introduced Henry’s wish list for a kitchen designed for entertaining. He contacted a Certified Kitchen Designer at the Kitchen Warehouse and presented her with a wish list. This is how she accommodated all of Henry’s requests, and more.

CKD Julia Spillman started with a basic floor plan, taking into consideration where the current appliances were plumbed since moving plumbing increases the homeowner’s cost. The first thing she did was remove the wall between the kitchen and family room, creating one large space with enough room to accommodate the items on the wish list, including a 30” wine refrigerator to accommodate Henry’s 250-bottle collection.

entertainment center kitchen appliances kitchen island and butcher block

Entertainment Center, Appliances, and Custom Island with Butcher Block Top

With all of the new oversized appliances and the outlets needed for them, things were going to have to move in order to accommodate them. Spillman placed the appliances in the room and then considered her many alternatives for custom cabinets that offer storage for the entertainment center without taking up too much floor space. She integrated highly specialized cabinets that allowed for more function in the limited space and allowed up to 5 times more storage.

In order to get a casual, comfortable feeling, Spillman used an eclectic mix of materials.  The island is all stainless steel with an Iroko butcher block for cheese and appetizer settings. The cabinets on the main walls are Lyptus, with a dark stain and glaze. She used three black painted inset cabinets with glass doors and lighting as focal points. There are four sources of lighting: recessed cans, task lighting, hand blown glass pendants at the windows and dining table, and halogen lights built into the custom hood to ease the cooks’ job.  The main countertop is Wild Sea granite and the back splash is 1”x1” slate, with random glass tiles.

Custom Table

Custom Table With Bench Seating

She designed a custom dining table with a slab of sandstone and used a bench as part of the seating, allowing for more space to accommodate larger groups.

The end result had even more features than what Henry wanted and provided an entertaining kitchen with plenty of space for his wine tasting with friends and a much more open and modern look.

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A Remodeling Wish List for Wine Tasting and Entertaining

When Henry bought his condo in Marina Del Rey in the 1970s it was the latest interior design style and trends.  He loves to entertain and developed a passion of collecting wines and sharing them with friends, however the kitchen had a narrow dining area with a small wet bar. Fast-forward to now when he decided to expand his kitchen and his wine cooler to accommodate his hobby and accommodate more gatherings.

To start, he created a specific wish list:

  • A functional kitchen space they could both work in at the same time and be able to interact with their friends.
  • A warm and casual atmosphere with comfortable space for two people or twenty
  • Updated stainless steel appliances, a 250-bottle wine cooler, a custom stainless steel hood
  • An island with storage to hold lots of entertainment ware and also house a barstool seating arrangement
  • A built-in espresso machine; double-door, stainless steel, sub-zero refrigerator; and his 50” flat screen TV – viewable from the bar for sporting events
  • Mahogany wood bar with a strong treatment to protect it from the inevitable wine spills
  • Dark wood cabinets to complement the mahogany countertop, all tied together with glass and stainless steel to update the entire look with a very modern design

Henry gave his wish list to Certified Kitchen Designer Julia Spillman at The Kitchen Warehouse who went to work providing kitchen layout options that would accommodate the wish list within the budget and take the kitchen from the disco era to the high-tech, modern look he wanted now.


Henry's Kitchen - Before the Remodel

kitchen remodel before and after

Henry's Kitchen - After the Remodel

Keep following the blog to find out the steps Julia took to accommodate all of Henry’s wish list items and more.

For more information on custom kitchen solutions, contact The Kitchen Warehouse at 888-248-3678. Julia Spillman is a Certified Kitchen Designer who, along with 3 other full-time kitchen designers, has a plethora of experience at LA’s largest cabinet showroom. Their selection of kitchens on display creates hundreds of ideas to create the perfect kitchen for you. And kitchen design is complimentary when you take advantage of their factory direct pricing for cabinets.

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A Better Storage Solution for your Kitchen and Bath

Why should you replace your kitchen or bathroom cabinets instead of refacing them?  I can give you a lot of reasons, the first one being organization.  When you design your new kitchen, the designer at the Kitchen Warehouse will ask you what you don’t like about your existing kitchen. The number-one thing that all clients say is, “There is no place to put everything!”

One of the biggest benefits of designing your own kitchen is you can list what you need to store and the designer can choose from a huge list of drawers or cabinets to address your concerns. Custom pot and pan drawers, spice rack organizers inside cabinets, lazy Susans and pull-down cabinets that hide your coffee maker or other unsightly appliances you use all the time (also called appliance garages or cabinets).

In our case, we realized we were tired of taking out the recycling because we noticed we were doing that twice as much as the regular trash, so when the designer showed us the double trash can cabinet, we jumped at it but decided it would be for our recycle with a small container under the sink for organic trash.  What a difference not having to take the recycling out so often made!

Another great feature were the deep pot drawers that flank my new stove. I hated having to reach under the cabinets and grope in the dark for my spaghetti pot or the Crockpot. Now I just open a self-closing drawer and pull out my pots, put it on the stove and go. It even easily stores with the lid – no more searching for the matching lids. The same goes with my Tupperware, which I had to stack in itself before and not with the lids matching since there was no room. Now they are all matched and easy to find.

I also asked for a pantry cabinet and given the limited space in our kitchen it is a miracle that they could order one to fit my space and help bring heavy items right into the kitchen without any effort.  Everything is handy (even my toolkit) and I could use the excess for items for other rooms with limited cabinet space.

I suggest making a list of the items you have the most difficulty storing and keep them in mind when you order your cabinets. Ordering a custom cabinet that matches the rest of your kitchen is a smart investment that will save you time everyday which will pay you back tenfold in the first year of finding everything you are looking for in a couple of seconds.  I love my new kitchen!

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