Designing a Kitchen Remodel that Keeps Couples Together

Kitchen remodeling can be difficult on a relationship. Many decisions need to be made and the more that homeowners can agree about their personal needs and goals before the remodel has begun, the better a kitchen designer and the installer can satisfy them. Consider taking the following preliminary steps to keep your family in harmony.

Step one: Communicate. Take the time to talk specifics with your partner. Are you looking for a new look? More space? A better layout? Find photos of kitchens you've seen in magazines and show the kitchen designer what each of you like and don't like before anything is installed in your home.

Step two: Set your budget parameters. Before you start, set a budget. Without one, costs can easily get out of hand. Although a perfect kitchen design looks fabulous, if your budget is 1/3 of the price, it can be very frustrating. Let your designer know the budget and that the number must be respected and change orders need to be in writing.

Step three: Determine your physical space. Are you open to moving any walls or do you need a design that is limited to your existing space? What cabinet styles do you like and which ones match your home? Before the designer begins, it helps to know your preferences.

After over 35 years of designing some of L.A.'s most impressive kitchen remodels, The Kitchen Warehouse, with 5 professional kitchen designers, recommends you take these steps and be sure to call a professional designer to help you navigate your new kitchen. Located at 3716 West Washington Blvd. in Los Angeles, they display several complete kitchens, providing you and your partner with unlimited ideas. You can call for a kitchen design appointment at 888-248-3678 or click to make an appointment.

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