Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Kitchen Remodel

By Glen Ferguson of The Kitchen Warehouse

According to Glen Ferguson, owner of The Kitchen Warehouse in Los Angeles, when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, the work begins at home:

1. Examine your current kitchen and consider how you use it before buying replacement products that don't fit your needs. Don't just replace your cabinets? improve the room layout.

2. Consider what works and what doesn't in your current kitchen. Is it easy to get to everything? Do you enjoy the view? Are the cabinets, appliances, and counterspace adequate?

3. Does everything have a place in your existing kitchen or are you space challenged and forced to store things on your countertops? Does your current cookery fit? Does your kitchen appear neat and spacious or cluttered?

Ferguson suggests consulting a professional kitchen designer. They will not just replace your cabinets, but they are specially trained to create a kitchen that works as good as it looks.  They'll ask the right questions, from wine storage and herb drawers to the number of cooks at one time. Your answers will lead to a better kitchen design.

Find out what your kitchen can become at The Kitchen Warehouse, L.A.'s largest cabinet selection with several kitchens on display. Their 5 professional designers are trained to design and display your new kitchen in 3D on their computer. You can call for an appointment at (323) 734-1696, or visit their showroom at 3716 West Washington Blvd., in L.A. off the Santa Monica Freeway at Crenshaw. You can also make an appointment online.

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