Kitchen Design Wish-list

Every household has opinions on the features that make up a perfect kitchen for your home. Consider the following wish list and dona??t forget to ask your designer to build these elements into your new kitchen design. Make an appointment with a designer from The Kitchen Warehouse. 

Consider the features that matter most to you:

Adequate space for multiple cooks
Left or right handed cooks
Easy access for a child cook or to help themselves
Special designs for elderly or special needs cooks
A space to cook while watching TV or other entertainment
Space for specialty gourmet cooks a??
       Baker, party planner, canner, multi-course meals
Space for storing quality seasonings, electronics and pots and pans
A drink center for morning coffee, tea or protein shake drinker
Super-sized appliances
Space for volume cooking
Quick meal preparation
Quality large cabinets to store bulk groceries, bottled water
Recycling storage
Trash receptor, a compactor, or both
Space saving storage for a small kitchen
Boosting your home's resale value
Expanding your kitchen into other rooms
Matching a look in a magazine ad

Matching the high end look of new appliances with upgraded kitchen detailing:
Bull nose countertops
Custom moldings
Stylized cabinet doors
Integrating kitchen seating
A kitchen island or peninsula
Cabinet door options a?? wood, glass, metal or laminate
Cabinet height
Cabinet facings for appliance

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