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Having 39 years of experience allows The Kitchen Warehouse to know that the best kitchen design begins with you. You will be introduced to a knowledgeable, creative kitchen designer. This designer will consider your lifestyle and help you understand your design choices before you decide on cabinet colors and floor patterns.
Our full-time kitchen designers have been specially trained to ask about your lifestyle, long before they lay out your kitchen with the optimal design solution. They won't just replace your existing cabinets with the same,  they will improve your cooking and living environment with specialty cabinets to work and look better in your home.  The sky is the limit. In fact, they'll show you your new kitchen floor plan in 3-D with computerized designing before it's installed.

The Kitchen Warehouse has over 39 years of experience to demonstrate what it takes to make sure that your installation process is successful. Once you purchase your cabinets we will send our own professional measurers to your home, where they confirm your kitchen's measurements before your cabinets are ordered. In addition, we provide a list of preferred, experienced installers that help your remodeling project go smoothly and stay within budget.

Choose from our 5 professional designers to match their skills with your home and develop a relationship that will deliver the kitchen you have always wanted into your home. 


 Martinez photo

Name: Henry Martinez - CEO

Background: Henry was a founding member of
The Kitchen Warehouse and has designed kitchens for over 30 years.  He was born in Mexico City, Mexico and achieved his success through hard work and a strong resilience.   In addition to English, Henry speaks fluent Spanish.

Design Style, Memorable Projects:  Henry has a traditional design style which is enhanced by his extensive experience.  He specializes in multiple unit condominiums and apartments.  He stays on top of the newest kitchen and bath manufacturer designs and is the negotiator and buyer for
The Kitchen Warehouse.

Personal Interests/Hobbies:  Henry is an expert in Mexican geography and culture.  He enjoys flying his airplane and integrating with the community he is visiting.  He volunteers to fly Doctors Without Borders to villages in Mexico and donates his time and expenses. 

Ferguson photo

Name: Glen Ferguson - President

Background: Glen was a founding member of
The Kitchen Warehouse. He has a BS in Finance with a specialty in Real Estate.  He has spent his lifetime enjoying design and art.

Design Style, Memorable Projects:  Glen has an eclectic design style which accommodates modern to traditional.  He specializes in space planning and making the most of every available inch.  He is an experienced problem solver and welcomes the opportunity to design the perfect kitchen for you.  

Personal Interests/Hobbies:  Travel, Swimming, Art Collecting, Real Estate Development


Name: Julia Spillman - Secretary Treasurer

Background:  Julia has a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and has been a Certified Kitchen Designer since 1996.  She has worked for The Kitchen Warehouse for 20 years.  She started out in set display and furniture catalogue set-up and she spent several years in consumer Interior Design.  Her favorite challenge is customizing kitchens to meet a familya??s needs and to match the style of the home.

Design style, Memorable Projects:  Julia utilizes a contemporary, eclectic design style.  She recommends that customers plan their kitchen out long before they start their remodel project.

Personal Interests/Hobbies:  Tile, mosaics, furniture design

De La Cruz photo

Name: Sheila De La Cruz

Background: Sheila started at The Kitchen Warehouse as a receptionist 9 years ago. She learned every step of the customer service, procurement and design process and has become a skilled kitchen designer.

She attended classes at the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) to keep her design skills current. She has a BS degree in Psychology. In addition to English, Sheila speaks fluent Tagalog.

Personal Interests/Hobbies: Reading, travel and shopping

Design Style, Memorable Projects:  Sheila has a design style that mixes traditional and modern to produce a clean look and every customer has been satisfied with the end result.  She recently worked on a challenging project in Palos Verdes where the kitchen had all angled walls and the customer had high expectations.  She was very pleased when that customer let her know that she had exceeded their expectations.  She is extremely detail oriented which results in error free designs.  She loves her job and her customers and appreciates the high number of referrals she receives. 

Personal Interests/Hobbies:  Travel and shopping

Kung photo

Name: Jin Kyung Kim

Background:  Kim graduated from the Interior and Decorator Institute (IDI).  She has worked for The Kitchen Warehouse for 3 years.  She finds that kitchen designing offers variety in each new project and keeps her job stimulating and exciting.  In addition to English, Kim speaks fluent Korean.

Design Style, Memorable Projects:  Kim uses a functional orientation to design a distinctive kitchen to meet your aesthetic and practical needs.  She sees every project as an opportunity to create a new piece of art.  She prides herself on listening to the client and then exploring creative alternatives to meeting design scheme and budget goals.

Personal Interests/Hobbies:  Film making

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